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Smart Franking BLUE Ink



    Royal Mail Services



By April 2014 ALL SMART franking machine users will have to switch to using BLUE franking ink instead to the traditional RED. *Have a look at the list below to see if you already have a SMART Meter franking machine.

Royal Mail state on their website:

"It is mandatory that all Smart franking machine users change from using red ink, to using blue ink when they run out of red ink.

This change should not require you to purchase a new franking machine and we are working with the franking industry to make this transition as easy as possible.

Non-Smart franking machine users are not affected by this change. If in doubt contact your machine provider."

Some of our customers are already using BLUE ink, but if you still have red supplies left, simply change to BLUE when these are used up. There shouldn't be any need to do anything to your machine when you make the change, but depending on your franking machine, you may need to print off a few 'zero' value prints to make sure the colour runs to a crisp clear blue. If you have any questions or would like to order any inks simply place your order online, call ours sales team on 01434 422600, or email -

Why the switch from red to blue ink?

Smart franking machines use the latest ink jet technology. When you use blue franking ink, with this technology, tests have demonstrated enhanced print quality and clarity. This means that Royal Mail are better able to ro read your mail and get it out to your ciutomers without any unnecessary delays - in other words, improved efficiency for you and your customers.

Why use a Smart (Meter) franking machine?

Essentially a Smart Franking machine has greater capabilities. it will also enable you to 'capture data' to help you identify mailing costs and services for your business, and with VAT Royal Mail Services it will provide you with an accessible 'audit trail' to allow you to easily claim back you VAT. Click on Royal Mail Services for more information.

*Please view the franking machine models listed below to see if you are already using a SMART franking machine - this is for guidance purposes only so please contact us on 01434 422600 or email us at for more advice :)



Pitney Bowes:     

DM50 / DM55  / K700 / K721 / TMR d60

DM 100i / DM200i / DM125i / DM150i / DM175i / P720 / P700

DM 160i / DM220i / PR20 / TMR d160 / TMR d220

DM 300c / DM400c / DM450c / DM475c / G920 / TMR m300

Connect + 1000 / Connect+ 2000 / Connect+ 2200 / Connect+ 3200 / Connect+ 3500 / IW20 /TMR c1000 / TMR c2000 /TMR c3000


IRIS 160 / 220

IRIS 300 / 400 / 475

IRIS Connect 1000 / 2000 / 3000

ECO 50 / 100



IS 200 / IS 240 / IS280 / AUTOSTAMP 2

IS290i / IS-290i / IS290i Elite / IS-290i Elite

IS 330 / IS350 / IS420 / IS430 / IS440 / IS460 / IS480

IN-300 / IN-360 / IN-600 / IN-700

IS 5000 / IS6000


Francotyp Postalia:

Ultimail 60 / 65 / 90 / 95

Mymail / Mymail 3

Optimail 25 / 30 / 35

Postbase Mini

Postbase Qi3 / Qi4 / Qi6 / Qi9

Postbase Qi1000 / Qi2000 / Qi3000 / Postbase Vision 


ECO Ultimail 65

ECO Optimail

ECO Mymail

EOS 30 / 45 / 65 / 95 (Postbase)

EOS 150 Centormail



Ecomail  / Accessmail  / Officemail

Matrix F2

Matrix F2L

Matrix F4 / F6

Matrix F4L / F6L

Matrix F10

Matrix F12

Matrix F22

Matrix F32 / F42

Matrix F62

Matrix F82