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Ecofranking FAQ's


 Welcome to Ecofranking’s FAQ’s page

 THANK YOU for taking the time to visit  Ecofranking . We have tried to make our website as easy as possible for you but if you can’t find the information you’re looking for we may be able to help you here.      

Who are Ecofranking?

Ecofranking is the premier online supply store of franking machine cartridges and labels. We provide both compatible and genuine ROYAL MAIL APPROVED franking consumables all of exceptional quality, with next day delivery and at very low prices. Plus all Ecofranking supplies are supported by a 1 year no-hassle warranty!

Go Green And Choose Ecofranking For All Your Franking Machine Supplies!

You can feel safe in our hands knowing that:

  • We take pride in knowing that our customers come back to us because we deliver exactly what our customers want 
  • Our product knowledge and experience means that one of our friendly team is always here to help you too
  • All our franking inks are Royal Mail Approved with the same yield as an original 
  • All our franking products are supported by a 1 year no-hassle warranty 
  • Ecofranking are very conscious and believe strongly in helping to reduce our carbon footprint. We offer all our customers a free of charge recycling scheme on the larger percentage of our franker cartridges which helps reduce the number of cartridges usually ending up in landfill sites around the world. The greater percentage of our cartridges are also manufactured or packaged within the UK as well
  • We offer a recycling / refilling service on the larger majority of our franking inks
  • We always have stock – so no delays with your order 
  • We will always aim to give you the very best service 
  • FREE delivery on ALL orders over £50.00 plus vat within the UK 
  • Credit accounts are available for businesses 
  • At Ecofranking we are dedicated to being the best we can for YOU

If you require any further information regarding Ecofranking, our products and services or how also we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us on


Q. I’d like to save money and use Ecofranking’s compatible franking inks what is the difference between compatible and genuine franking inks?

Essentially the only difference is the price! Ecofranking's compatible franking cartridges use Royal Mail approved ink and will give the same number of impressions as an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM ) product.  At Ecofranking we are really keen to reduce our carbon footprint and we can help your business do so too –buying Ecofranking’s remanufactured / refilled franking cartridges and recycled labels really can help your business save money and the environment.


Q. I’ve been told compatible inks and labels will invalidate our franking machine warranty is this true? 

The major franking machine manufacturers insist that you buy their inks and labels directly from them.  However, since the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) 2005 agreed undertakings proposed by the two leading franking manufacturers - Pitney Bowes and Neopost combined with Royal Mail. NO franking manufacturer can dictate to their customers who they buy their franking inks and labels from. Also if you are told using compatible franking inks or labels within your franking machine will null invoid your franking machines warranty - this is wrong! The OFT ruling was put in place to stop the monopolisation in the franking industry to protect you as a customer, and give you more choice. This means that you can buy quality compatible franking supplies at a fraction of the cost of OEM franking cartridges / labels



Q. My franking machine supplier came round for our franker’s annual service and noticed we were using a compatible cartridge. The engineer said it had caused a problem with our machine – is this right?


It is very rare for Ecofranking’s compatible or even genuine cartridges to cause a problem in your franking machine.  As the OFT have ruled it is your right to choose to use Ecofranking’s Royal Mail Approved franking inks in your machine and so tell your engineer this. You can ask your engineer to put in writing what the actual fault is and of course if your franking machine has been working perfectly well how can there be a problem. If you have any concerns at all about using Ecofranking’s compatible franking inks / labels please to talk to us on 01434 422600 and we’ll be happy to advise you.


Q. I notice you offer a refill service – how do I order a refill cartridge?


The Refill service can save you even more money and it’s so easy to do. Simply order on line as usual or give us a call on 01434 422600 and as soon as we receive your empty cartridge we can get that refilled for you and sent back within 24 – 48 hours. 



 Q. If I’m not happy with my cartridge do you offer a replacement / money back guarantee? 

Yes we do. Ecofranking is here  to give you the best service possible so if you are unhappy with any of our products and we cannot resolve the issue for you, we will give you your money back or give you a replacement – please see our returns section for more details.


Q. How do I place an order?

Really simply. You can order online, just choose your item and follow the step by step instructions. Give us a call if you prefer – 01434 422600 and one of our friendly staff will be really happy to help you. Or if you like send us an email to


Q. Can I set up an account?

Yes you can. We have a lot of customers who use our credit account service and it’s really easy to do. Simply give us a call on 01434 422600 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to set up your future credit account for you or of course you can email your enquiry to


Q. I’m not sure which cartridge to order can I talk to someone?

Yes you can. It can sometimes be a bit confusing knowing which franking cartridge to order as often there are a lot of product codes and numbers on your franking machine which doesn’t always make it easy to know which franking supplies you need. Here at Ecofranking we have very experienced staff who are here to help you choose the right product - you can talk to one of our customer support team Mon-Fri between 9am – 5pm. Outside of business hours you can email or call 01434 422600 and we will respond the next working day.